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Introducing PassIT Practice Tests
PassIT Practice Tests will prepare you for anything those certification exams pass your way! PassIT Practice Tests are written by certified professionals that know what it takes to be certified, so each affordable PassIT Practice Test (only $25.00 each) is certification guaranteed - read The PassIT Practice Test Guarantee for yourself....

All PassIT Practice Tests run on the Microsoft .NET Framework -> Get .NET for Free

PassIT Practice Tests prepare you for your certification exam
Use PassIT Practice Tests to test your knowledge while becoming familiar with a certification testing environment. With PassIT Practice Mode, take a timed test, simulating the actual testing environment you will eventually use to complete your exam. PassIT Study Mode refines your knowledge as you take the exam at your own pace - looking up correct answers and marking specific questions for later review. The PassIT Score Report gives you detailed information from objective to objective, and question to question. Upon completion of a PassIT Practice Test, you will know exactly what subjects to spend a little more time studying before you attempt certification.

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Answers to some of your most burning questions...

What system requirements are necessary to run the PassIT Testing Engine?
The PassIT Testing Engine will run on any Windows 98 or higher platform. You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. If you do not have the Microsoft .NET Framework or you are not sure, follow the instructions located here -> http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/downloads/howtoget.aspx

Can I have more than one exam installed at one time?

Yes, you can install multiple exams. When you open the engine, you will be able to select the exam you wish to take via the select box. Switch from exam to exam quickly and easily.

Can I randomize my question list?
Yes, the PassIT Testing Engine will automatically select a random list of questions in random order from its question bank. PassIT Study Mode allows you to choose how many questions you would like to include, PassIT Practice Mode selects 50 random questions each time. For a better idea of the testing system, take our Features Tour.

What sort of reporting does the PassIT Testing Engine provide?
After completing a test, the PassIT Testing Engine provides details on how you did. You receive an overall percentage score in text and graphical format, a pass/fail grade, and a full list of correct and incorrect questions. The PassIT Testing Engine also offers a pie chart suggesting how to break out your next study session. This chart is based on your scores from each objective. For a better idea of the testing system, take our Features Tour.

Can I review questions after I've completed my practice exam?
Yes. The PassIT Testing Engine gives you an opportunity to review the entire test after scoring. See just what you missed and what you got right. Mark questions for review so you can return to them at any time, either before or after you've scored your test. For a better idea of the testing system, take our Features Tour.

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